Doggie/People vacation

The Groundhog Incident

Its been a while

Quinn's internist visit

Trail of breadcrumbs...

He snores all the time!

My shoes are where??

Max is such a clown!

Yay, another biggun

She's a diva!

Mud puppy

She's a swimmer

Ultra sonic yawn

Holly's turn now

Delta gone already

New foster, Delta

Keebler's been adopted!

Heeee's back! Part 2

Heeee's back! Part 1

Makinzi, very cute very cuddly

Patty Part 2

Patty Part 1

Time to move on

Cat Dog

Food hound!

Sheba likes him!

Keebler, cookie monster

Keebler, the chocolate elf

Sheesh, too many changes

History of Lab Obsession