Patty Part 2

She's also a very nervous dog. She has no obedience training at all and we've been working on sit. We've noticed that when you grab her collar (even with no pressure), she drops like a stone to the ground. Also, if you try to guide her anywhere using her collar, she immediately balks and refuses to go anywhere. Its unfortunate, but watching her actions, it seems like she has been mistreated. If she feels threatened, she cowers, breathes hard, and is frightened out of her wits. This is when its something as simple as trying to coax her down the stairs!

She's also big into biting dog beds (or soft things). She's ripped a hole into one of our dog beds and we've had to correct her a few times when we catch her chewing on the dog bed. She's such a submissive dog, but she has some sort of passive-aggressive thing going on, because we've seen her hump the dog beds!

She needs a lot of affection and she needs to gain some confidence. She loves food, so using food has been a good way of gaining her trust and training her. She does need very affectionate (willing to be licked a lot) owners with patience to help her find that confidence. She'll probably stay in the system until she gets a little better. She's going to be harder than some of our other dogs, but she reminds me of Lady (our first foster, I think she just needs a little bit of TLC.

So she's already gone from the house for the vet to see her various lumps to make sure they aren't a problem. And she's already slated for a foster to adopt by a family that loves her. Since she has a few obedience issues, we're making sure the family really wants her by doing a foster to adopt. Hopefully this is the family for her!