Diaper backpack

Obviously I'm currently in a bag phase, unfortunately I don't use too many bags, I tend to find one I like and stick with it for a while then rotate another in.

Front view with flap down

Front view, zippered top, changing flap zipped up.

Since I wanted to keep making bags I thought it would be fun to make something directly for someone else.  I've made things in the past and just given them away but this time I made a bag specifically for a particular person/reason.  A friend of my sister is pregnant with her second child but got rid of most of her baby stuffs a little while ago. She got a lot of stuff from my sister including a diaper bag but I thought it would be fun to make a diaper bag that could be converted to a backpack.

Lots of interior pockets. Laminate fabric used.

My sister helped me pick out a fabric that we thought she would like. I found matching cotton laminate for the interior of the bag since having a water-resistant interior is probably helpful.  The main fabric is Michael Miller Zoology Sea, contrast fabric Baby Play Stripe Sea, and lining Michael Miller (PUL) Dumb Dot Aqua.  I do love the fabric, I think it is awfully cute without being over-the-top cute.

Remembered to add my label to the bag!

I used Classic for Mom by wpcreek. It was one of the few backpack diaper bag patterns I could find. I also loved all the pockets it had (inside, side, and front pockets), and a changing flap. This came as a pdf pattern, which I really prefer because you get it almost immediately, and it's a lot easier to save it on the computer instead of hoping the pattern and directions don't wear down over time.  The directions were well-written and since the pdf also had photo directions, it made making the bag very straightforward.

Side pockets: one small to hold cell phone/keys, larger pocket to hold bottles.
I did make some minor modifications:

For the changing flap, the design has you using one fabric for the outside and inside. Since it was a changing flap, I thought it more appropriate to make the changing side out of the polyurethane laminate (the polka dots fabric) and the outer side would be the main fabric. I also topstitched the flap to give it a nice decorative look.

Front with changing flap open. Even more pockets!

For the straps, I increased the width from 1.25" to 1.5". The main reason is because I have a stash of 1.5" swivel hooks but I also like the look of the increased width. To match the straps, I increased the connecting D-rings from 1" to 1.25". I also increased the length of the D-ring tabs from 2" to 3". I wanted to have a little more fabric to play around with when sewing it to the bag.

Straps set in the backpack rings. Can also convert to shoulder bag or cross-body bag.
Lastly I reinforced the bottom of the bag by adding a double layer of double-sided decor bond fusible interfacing. it adds a bit of stability to the bottom.

I am very happy with how it turned out and the best part? The recipient loves it too!


Nic said…
Great bag, and very practical. I'm not surprised she liked it
Cindy said…
I love it! Great work!