Heeee's back! Part 2

And today we had a pretty big incident. Keebler (and of course our dogs) love to chase things around the yard. We often have groundhogs inside the fenced yard, but they run through the fence and the dogs have never caught them. We also have lots of deer walk/graze right outside of the fence. The dogs often catch sight of them and run around the yard chasing them.

This afternoon, Keebler and Quinn started hopping, whining, and barking at the back door. I figured they must see something in the backyard so I open the back door and watched them bolt outside. Keebler ran to the back of the yard where there is a deer just watching him from the other side of the fence. When Keebler gets close enough, it runs, but instead of running further away from our yard, it parallels the yard, and therefore parallels the fence separating Keebler from the deer. Keebler keeps up with the deer until the fence stops; however Keebler did not stop. For a split second I was afraid he would jump the fence. What happened was worse, the silly dog went right through it! His chest must have met the second rung of the fence and split it from the post, and the force of the hit also pushed the wiring away from the post so that Keebler could get through.

As soon as I realized he wasn't stopping at the end of the fence, I grabbed some shoes, a leash, and some treats and ran after him. He was right outside the fence looking a bit dazed. I called to him, but when I tried to reach for him, he decided to play keep-away. I ended up chasing after him for about 10 minutes. I only caught up to him when he decided to poop. I used that to grab and leash him. Its interesting because in the past when he bolts the door, he runs to neighboring yards to sniff, but he comes back to us when we call him. This time, he was definitely pulling a "Winston" (previous foster) where he would stay about 10-20 feet ahead of me. If I got too close, he would trot off which was rather frustrating for me, but probably humorous to him.

At this point, I've jerry-rigged the wiring to the post using some rope. Mike's going to use screws so it will be harder for it to seaparate from the post. Currently I'm a bit petrified in letting the dogs out when they get excited. I don't want Keebler to get through the fence again. I'm very surprised that he didn't hurt himself in that little endeavor. At this point, he's passed out under the coffee table probably having lots of dreams about chasing deer.