Mud puppy

Holly definitely loves water. She loves anything that resembles water. This evening, we let the dogs in the backyard to wander around a while after their dinner. Sheba and Quinn came back after about 10 min. I didn't see Holly come in, so I decided to check on her. I went out on the deck and saw her rushing back towards me. She climbed up the deck stairs and as she got closer, I noticed that she was soaking wet head to toe, top to bottom. I had no idea what happened, since it was quite hot outside, and the only thing that is even damp is the little run-off spring we have in the back. Just as I was thinking that, she came up to me and shook. With that, I noticed Holly was soaked in muddy water!

Before I had a chance to stop her, she had pushed open the door and rushed into the family room (where the carpet is off-white). She dripped her way into the room, went over to the couch, and sat down on the carpet. Agh! Then we had to drag her back outside, and so she decided to go around the coffee table and drip on more clean carpet before making it outside. We hosed her off, and dried her down. She was definitely soaked through with muddy water. She had a blast and had the puppy-crazies. She ran around and around the deck table with shiny eyes thinking this was the best thing!

Cleaning up the carpet wasn't a lot of fun. After scrubbing it down, we got most of the stains out, but we probably need to steam-clean again. I have to say Holly has been extremely entertaining since she's come to us. She's an easy foster in most ways. But its time for her to move to a new foster home, since we're going on vacation for a little while.