She's a diva!

Holly has been a really funny foster dog. She's quite easy because she's pretty low-energy. Currently she's sprawled out on the hardwood floor having dreams about running through mud. When she does get excited, she gets a bit nippy though which is tough. If she's been in the crate for the day, she's pretty obnoxious when she comes out.

Holly's got a great face though, and she knows how to use it. In a lot of ways, she reminds me of Sheba, our princess. Like Sheba, she's a champion beggar, those big chocolate eyes get so gooey and sad. Holly has a voracious appetite for human food, and she eagerly waits for her share when the other two dogs line up. She is a coward at heart though. I guess Quinn feels possessive about licking the pan because sometimes he'll growl at Holly and she'll immediately back off and hide behind Mike.

She's also a princess since she will only listen to commands when it suits her. She'll only come when its in her best interest. Call her from the deck when she's exploring and she won't acknowledge your presence. Call her from the deck with a bagful of dog food and she'll bolt towards you like there's no tomorrow. She's a very smart dog, and uses it to her best advantage. She knows the words "ride" and "walk" and will perk up when she hears them. If you tell her "walk" she'll go into the dog room and try to grab the leash. If you say "ride" she'll start hopping around you and head towards the door.

She loves to get comfortable. If she's not on the couch, she'll get on the bed and sleep on her back with her legs in the air. Holly loves to cuddle next to people too.

Its really easy to play with Holly. She loves to be chased, just like Sheba. We just need to give her a wide-eyed look with a big smile and pounce towards her. She'll start with the puppy-crazies and run around the table. She's also begun taking the doggy towels around the house in her mouth, same as Quinn when he gets excited. She'll either hold it while you chase her, or she'll bring it to you for a strong game of tug-of-war. We've gotten her and Quinn to play tug-o-war once in a while which is quite entertaining to watch.