Yay, another biggun

After a pretty long break from fostering, Quinn's been sick and a planned camping trip, we picked up a new foster dog last night. He's a big (105 lb) black lab, 2 years old and goes by the name Max. He is a totally cutie-pie! His form resembles Keebler in that he's very leggy and American. He also lopes and wriggles his body when he walks around.

For a 2-yr old, he's extremely calm. He has ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne disease similar to Lyme's disease, so I'm not sure if some of that is due to the disease or just because he's such a mellow dog. He's currently on the antibiotics, but since he's not a voracious eater, he spits out the pills. We've had to use the old stand-by, peanut butter so that he would eat his pills. He does take his time about dog food and chews each piece, while spitting out a few pieces along the way. Sheba loves this because after he's finished eating, she comes along and picks up all the extra pieces he left over the floor. Max does seem to be familiar with people food though, since he'll follow us around the kitchen and his nose gets REALLY close to our food.

He's adjusted very well with our dogs. Max and Quinn had a playbow session and did a bit of goofing off for about a few minutes today. Last night, Max seemed quite taken with Sheba and tried to mount her, but she let him know who was boss very quickly! Later in the night, he and Sheba had a play session also and both seemed to have some fun.

Max is a comfort dog. He had no problems jumping on the bed and keeping his space. He's also a snorer, not as bad a Winston, but a good contender. Max is definitely one of those dogs where we wonder why his owner gave him up. He's a sweetheart, really easy and very mellow. I'm positive he's not going to be in the system very long.