Sheesh, too many changes

So we were supposed to get a lab on Sat 1/10 after the yearly business meeting, but plans ended up changing. We were told that because there were more dogs coming into the system, it would be better for us to take in a new dog. That meant we would be getting Teddy, yellow 5 yr old, by the end of this week. Today we found out that we're getting even more dogs into the system. Since Teddy is such an easy foster, he'll be moving to a less experienced foster home. This allows the rescue to use the new foster home space and still keep a space open in our house for a different, possibly harder foster. So now we're expecting to get a new foster dog in the middle of next week. Currently our two love the peace and quiet with no foster around, but I'm looking forward to getting a new dog and learning about all of his funny habits and quirks.