Holly's turn now

No break for us. LRR received approximately 6-8 new dogs in the past week, so the foster homes are all busy. Holly is our current new foster dog. We got her on Saturday. She's a 6.5 yr old chocolate lab. She's about 70 lbs and slightly smaller than Sheba. She's a little bit tubby and needs to lose some weight. She's got a great face made cuter by the fact that its a bit odd-looking. Her snout is a bit short, and her face is a bit wide. Her nose and eyes are chocolate and match her face perfectly.

The previous foster home adored her, but none of the potential adopters that looked at her wanted her. The director thinks that maybe Holly was so comfortable in her previous foster home that she just didn't show very well. Having her here for one day, I don't understand why someone would not want to adopt her though.

The first day we got her, we blocked off the first floor so that she couldn't wander far. Our experience has shown us that all new foster dogs sniff everything and then pee somewhere (most probably marking). We were more nervous because of Delta and we just shampooed the family room carpet. She was perfect though, no accidents anywhere. She did sniff like crazy, but she's been very good.

She loves attention and will climb into your lap to lick you all over. The difference between her and Delta is that she is pliable and will get off you. Also when I'm relaxing on the couch, she'll lay down on the floor and vegetate without bothering us.

Holly has some dirty ears which we had to clear out...boy, she did NOT enjoy that. But afterwards, she got the "puppy-crazies" and Mike and I chased her all over the family room.

She's turning out to be quite an easy foster. She follows us around and begs for food, but she's not pushy. She does need to lose some weight though, so that means Mike and I will need to get off our lazy butts and take her for long walks since she doesn't seem to play with the tennis ball.