Makinzi, very cute very cuddly

One of the foster homes had Easter plans and so we were snagged to foster Makinzi while they were out. We got her on April 3rd and she'll probably end up getting adopted this saturday. She's a small compact black lab who is 7 years old. The thing is she definitely does not act 7 at all. Before we looked at her folder, we thought she was 4! We took some photos of her I need to post because they were pretty funny.

She's a great dog. Housebroken, has some obedience and of course quite affectionate. She came from a home whose kids grew up and nobody really had time for her. Its really a pity because she's so easy and sweet, its difficult to think that someone would give her up. Makinzi seems very comfortable and is less "velcro-y" than our other foster dogs. She's happy to be near you, but if you're not paying her much mind (watching tv, working at the computer), she'll get up and wander around. Other foster dogs have often stayed as close to us as possible. She has no problems with laying on top of me when I'm on the couch and she'll sleep there while I read (or nap along with her). She has a great habit of coming up to you and just give you one cute little lick to say hi.

Its fun watching Makinzi entertain herself. She'll take a nylabone, toy, or tennis ball and start throwing it around the room and chase it. Then she'll settle down, start chewing on it and flip onto her back...while she continues to chew on the object! She'll use both of her front paws to stabilize whatever she's playing with and just hang out with her legs up in the air chewing away.