New foster, Delta

Got a new foster last night by the name of Delta. She's a little black lab that reminds me of Makinzi. She's a little smaller than Sheba, but more solid, so I'm guessing she probably weighs about 70 lbs. She came last night and spent ALL night panting and pacing. I guess new places make her nervous because she did not stop moving the whole time.

She's a sweet looking dog and likes to try to sit in laps. When we went upstairs to the bedroom, she kept pacing and panting. I coaxed her on the bed and she looked over at the dresser mirror. She saw herself reflected in the mirror and starting growling. She would growl, then inhale more air, then growl some more. After she got off the bed, she would circle to the dresser, put her front two paws on the top of the dresser and stare at herself in the mirror some more (at least no more growling).

When we went to sleep, she continued panting and pacing until Mike couldn't take it anymore. He took her to the crate downstairs and she seemed to like that. She went straight into the crate and laid down. She was quiet and settled until we took her out this morning.

I think there are potential adopters coming to see her this weekend, so we'll see how it goes. Hopefully she'll have settled down a little more by then.