Heeee's back! Part 1

So Keebler was our first foster for the year and he's back with us now. When we moved him to a different foster home earlier this year, he seemed to have some trouble with the home. They said he barked incessantly, scratched and pawed at doors when people left, and did not interact with the other dogs in the household. This isn't what we experienced with him, so we volunteered to take him back with us and see how he did.

The last foster home that had him before us is big into obedience and had Keebler for two weeks. He must have been working on Keebler because his barking is much better now. He still needs some work on obedience commands when he's so excited though.

We got him on Sat June 19th and he's been up to his silly little tricks and one major biggie.

On Sat night, Mike was playing Metroid Prime on the gamecube. He was sitting on the beanbag with chips and dip beside him. The three dogs were all passed out, Keebler under the coffee table, Sheba on the couch, and Quinn on the ground. All of a sudden, Mike says "Hey!", then a couple of seconds later a much more forceful and loud "HEY!!". Even though Keebler was sleeping, he must have smelled the food and decided he wanted some. He scooched up slowly (without either of us noticing), stuck his nose in the dip, decided it smelled pretty good, and so started eating it! Course that's on par, Keebler is such a food hound.

On Sun night, we were in the basement and it was my turn to play Metroid Prime. Mike was on the couch with his laptop and Keebler was chasing a fly. Keebler kept chasing the fly and randomly snapping at the air. One snap he actually caught the fly in his mouth but I don't think he realized he got it because he kept looking around for it. Then Keebler opened his mouth and it flew out of his mouth...LOL. Silly pooch, at least Quinn knows when he catches the flies.