Max is such a clown!

So far, Max has been really really easy. Unlike most fosters we have, he hasn't had one accident in the house yet. That alone gives us reason to like him! He's also been really easy overall, and doesn't take much effort. For a two year old, he's so mellow!

Max doesn't have as much personality as Keebler or Thor. He's more a mix of Webster and Connor: very mellow and cuddly. He climbs up on the bed and couch, and tries to often climb into your lap... all 110 lbs of him. Max is also a leaner. When you pet him, he leans against you for more rubbing until you're about to fall over from his weight. He's a bit lazy and loves to just lay around with our dogs. He'll retrieve the ball a little bit, but easily gets distracted and then just drops the ball anywhere.

Max is an extremely orally fixated dog. He loves to come up to you and swipe your face with his big, but gentle tongue. He also picks up towels we have around the house (to help with Quinn's drool) and just walks around with them in his mouth. When we take him for a walk, he'll grab the leash in his mouth for the whole walk, until something else catches his attention.

He has played for short intervals with Sheba and Quinn. He and Quinn will wrestle and bark for a little while. Sheba and Max will play chase, but it usually ends pretty quickly when Quinn starts barking (the only way he knows how to play).

Max had a potential adopter come see him this weekend. She really liked him, but her 10 yr old lab didn't interact as much with Max. That means we get to keep him longer! I keep trying to convince Mike to adopt Max, but it may not be the best time with Quinn's various illnesses.

It has gotten a lot more crowded on our bed at night though. All three dogs have taken to sleeping on the bed, which is 250 extra lbs! The snoring will take some getting used to also. Otherwise he is such a great and funny dog!