Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bye bye, Zeke!

Zeke went off to his next foster home tonight. Since we're going out of town soon, we had to move him. Also we've learned that four dogs is a bit too much for us, the dogpark visits and walks are really challenging.

We've taken Zeke to the dog park a couple more times now and he does really well. Although he really likes the humans (couple big jumps and licks), he's started really enjoying the other dogs in the park too. He'll chase after them and play. He and Max have also started playing a lot the morning, afternoon, and evening. Zeke is so funny when he wrestles, he makes these honking-type noises and wookie noises combined. Its great listening to him. Max seems to have gotten over his jealousy too, he doesn't sulk as much as when Zeke first got to the house.

Overall, Zeke is a really great dog. He seems to bond pretty hard to his foster home. When we first got him, it took him a few days to settle down (other fosters usually take 24-48 hours at most) and he was constantly pacing and panting. Once he did settle down though, he was totally velcro; he'd follow us around everywhere. As soon as we got off the couch, he would immediately pop up and go wherever we went. He's definitely very people-oriented and needs to find a home that doesn't mind his constant affection.

He is so orally fixated! When he's not trying to lick off your nose, mouth, chin, etc he's got to have something in his mouth. He walks around with stuffed animals (sans the feet...he bites them off), kongs, balls, whatever he can find. He really does well with nylabones and plastic bones, but if they aren't around, he'll make do with plastic. We've caught him eating tennis balls. He peels off the fuzz and chews on the rubber and then swallows the pieces. He's also done the same with plastic squeaky toys. He'd probably do great with rawhides, but since he needs to watch his svelte figure, we haven't given him any.

I do really like Zeke a lot. I think he's really sweet and active for a 6 year old. Personally, I think he's really affectionate because he's not used to it and he loves being around people. I have a feeling that once he's in his permanent home, he'll start to settle down and slow down a little (as long as he gets his daily walks/play sessions). I hope he finds a great home!

Monday, February 7, 2005

Dog park

Took the dogs to the Reston dog park on saturday. The weather was finally warm enough and snow wasn't falling. Its more difficult to take 4 dogs in the pilot as opposed to the rodeo. The rodeo's back had a window that would open, and then a back hatch that would swing out. We could open the window and leash the dogs, then let them out the back. With the pilot, the back end opens up completely, so its much more difficult to have a controlled exit out of the car.

We finally got all four dogs into the park where Quinn immediately wanted to play fetch and Max went to greet all the other dogs. Zeke was a bit nervous and started drooling, but found all the humans to slime. Sheba also played a little bit with some dogs. Its great watching Sheba and Quinn become more socialized with other dogs. Zeke sniffed some of the dogs, but didn't play much with them, he was much happier receiving petting from the humans.

There was this 4-mos old Rottie puppy at the park. She was holding her own pretty good, but there are a lot of big dogs at the park and she was probably only about 30 lbs or so. She was running along with a couple of other dogs, lost her footing and went head-over-heels. She immediately starting up a series of 'YIPE YIPE YIPE' noises. This seemed to draw the attention of all the other dogs in the park who converged upon this poor puppy who was running into a corner and crying louder (drawing even more attention). All the owners had to pull the dogs away from her and her owner lifted her out of the pack of poochies. She wasn't hurt (a few scratches from the fall), but she was definitely intimidated by all these big dogs coming for her. The whole scene had everyone feeling sorry for the poor puppy, but it was also funny to watch. It was one of those "heheh, poor baby" moments.

You guys wanna play now??

So the good news is that Zeke and Max are starting to play together. The bad news is that they seem to prefer playing right as we're going to sleep. So thursday night we were in bed and Zeke had a toy that Max wanted. Max went over and tried to take the toy and soon wrestling/playing ensued. There were a lot of soft woofs and wookie-type noises while they were wrestling and poking each other. They finally settled down after a half hour of playing around. The next night the same thing started to happen. They started playing while we were in bed and continued for about half an hour. Unfortunately Zeke had drunk a lot of water previously, so he started to pee in the middle of playing. Needless to say, that got us up real fast and playtime was over. The worse part was that Zeke didn't pee in one spot but moved around so we had to blot all the little droplets in a squiggly line.

At least Zeke has settled down, no longer panting all the time, and he's become much more comfortable in the house. He still tap-dances in a circle when he's happy and excited, but he settles down a lot faster and isn't in our face all the time. He does have a great face, I know people are going to totally fall for the velcro poochie.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Zeke, the licking machine!

Got Zeke as our new foster dog on Sat. He's 106 lbs of yellow-furry-lickin-love! We were hoping that he would play with Max and tire him out but that doesn't seem to be the case. Zeke is a great dog, but not much of a dog's dog. He absolutely loves people and will follow us around everywhere.

When we brought him home, Zeke was definitely nervous with the gang. Max immediately wanted to play with him, but Zeke was having no part of that. Quinn tried to hump Zeke (poor insecure Quinn), but its difficult for our gimpy Quinn (75 lbs) to try to mount 106 lbs of dog. Hopefully in another day or two, Zeke will settle down some more. He pants all the time, when he's not busy licking you. Zeke does have this funny tap-dancing habit though. When he gets all excited (which happens when we're moving around), he'll tap-dance in a circle, lifting his legs up and down with no rhythm and moving around in a circle. Its great to watch.

We think Max is having a tough time adjusting to a new dog in the house. He's been much more velcro and touchy-feely than before. He also gets very jealous when Zeke comes by for a petting. Sheba and Quinn are old pros at this, so they don't have any issues. As long as they get to play ball, eat, and sleep where they want, the two of them are happy.

I'll have to take some pictures of Zeke and post them. He is a cutie!