You guys wanna play now??

So the good news is that Zeke and Max are starting to play together. The bad news is that they seem to prefer playing right as we're going to sleep. So thursday night we were in bed and Zeke had a toy that Max wanted. Max went over and tried to take the toy and soon wrestling/playing ensued. There were a lot of soft woofs and wookie-type noises while they were wrestling and poking each other. They finally settled down after a half hour of playing around. The next night the same thing started to happen. They started playing while we were in bed and continued for about half an hour. Unfortunately Zeke had drunk a lot of water previously, so he started to pee in the middle of playing. Needless to say, that got us up real fast and playtime was over. The worse part was that Zeke didn't pee in one spot but moved around so we had to blot all the little droplets in a squiggly line.

At least Zeke has settled down, no longer panting all the time, and he's become much more comfortable in the house. He still tap-dances in a circle when he's happy and excited, but he settles down a lot faster and isn't in our face all the time. He does have a great face, I know people are going to totally fall for the velcro poochie.