Zeke, the licking machine!

Got Zeke as our new foster dog on Sat. He's 106 lbs of yellow-furry-lickin-love! We were hoping that he would play with Max and tire him out but that doesn't seem to be the case. Zeke is a great dog, but not much of a dog's dog. He absolutely loves people and will follow us around everywhere.

When we brought him home, Zeke was definitely nervous with the gang. Max immediately wanted to play with him, but Zeke was having no part of that. Quinn tried to hump Zeke (poor insecure Quinn), but its difficult for our gimpy Quinn (75 lbs) to try to mount 106 lbs of dog. Hopefully in another day or two, Zeke will settle down some more. He pants all the time, when he's not busy licking you. Zeke does have this funny tap-dancing habit though. When he gets all excited (which happens when we're moving around), he'll tap-dance in a circle, lifting his legs up and down with no rhythm and moving around in a circle. Its great to watch.

We think Max is having a tough time adjusting to a new dog in the house. He's been much more velcro and touchy-feely than before. He also gets very jealous when Zeke comes by for a petting. Sheba and Quinn are old pros at this, so they don't have any issues. As long as they get to play ball, eat, and sleep where they want, the two of them are happy.

I'll have to take some pictures of Zeke and post them. He is a cutie!