Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Wide-load coming through!

We’ve discovered the secret of the Max growth! Let me take a few steps back first and explain. When we first adopted Max in Nov 2004, he weighed 106 lbs. In May 2005, we were able to get him down to 103 lbs and thought it was a good weight for him. This winter, we noticed he seemed to be getting pretty chubby, and our friends would comment on it too so we went to lean food. When we brought Sheba to the vet in the beginning of Dec, we took Max so we could check his weight. He weighed in at a whopping 110 lbs! Definitely time for a diet, reduced rations and green beans. Even with the reduced food, he seemed to continue to gain weight. When we took him back at the end of Dec (for his yearly shots) he weighed 115 lbs; he gained 5 lbs in 3 weeks. The doctor tested his thyroid and it was normal.

We discovered yesterday what’s been going on. Max has learned how to open the dog food container (mounted on the wall) just enough to nibble straight out of the container. He probably stands at the container almost all day eating as much as he wants! No wonder the food has been disappearing so fast; we just thought it was due to the amount of food we were feeding Jake. Needless to say, we have now taped the opening shut so Max should start losing weight. At least we won’t go through the dog food quite as fast anymore! What a sneak-thief!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Rambo, destructo-boy

Rambo is our newest foster. We've had him now for about 3 weeks and we'll be moving him next week. First week with Rambo was a bit challenging. The move from one foster home to ours seemed to stress him a lot. He had diarrhea for the first few days, probably from the change in food and the stress of moving. We put him on chicken and rice for a couple of days and flagyl (antibiotics) for a week and everything seemed much better. He seemed to have completely forgotten his housebreaking training. It had nothing to do with marking, and he would have accidents only 15 minutes after being outside. As soon as we woke up, we'd take Rambo outside for 15-20 minutes and while we're at home we'd take him out at least once every hour. That seemed to help a lot and Rambo has gotten much better. He also suffers some separation anxiety and will follow us everywhere. He gets anxious when we're somewhere he can't reach us, but it has gotten much better as he's settled in.

Rambo is definitely going through his puppyhood now, lots of playing and chewing. He loves to play with Max, a lot of wrestling and chasing. He also needs a lot of nylabones and chew toys. When he's playful or excited, he gets mouthy and needs to be corrected. Rambo also has some fear of stairs and needs to be lead up/down them a few times before he gets used to it.

Now that he's settled in (took about a week), his personality is starting to come through. While he's still very much a puppy, Rambo is a very sweet-natured dog and loves affection. He also settles down pretty quickly indoors and will lay down when you're not moving. He'll follow you around but he's not pushy, he just wants to be in the same room as you. He loves to play with Max and will often wrestle for 15-30 minutes with him, outside he'll get the puppy crazies and run around like a maniac while Max chases him. I would consider Rambo to be medium-low energy, he needs sessions of playtime but then crashes and sleeps for a while. He'd do well in a household with another dog to play with but he may be too mouthy and rambunctious for small kids; he ended up tackling our 5 yrd old neighbor when she ran from him. He also needs some obedience training, he's very smart and has been learning from our dogs, but he does need someone to continue teaching him his boundaries.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

LRR Picnic

Boy, I really slacked off on the blog for a while. Hopefully I'll try to update a little more often now. Had the Lab Rescue annual reunion picnic 9/10 (so I'm about a month behind). This was Max's first picnic and I think he enjoyed himself pretty well. There was one point where horses were about 100 yards away (the park also has horse trails) and Max took off like a bullet towards them. When he was about 10 feet away, he came to a dead-stop and realized that these were not the size of squirrels but actually quite larger. He did a 360 and ran back to us as fast as possible and didn't chase anymore horses he may have seen.

Picnic was great, got to see Keebler; I forgot how big he was. Such a cutie, he and his family seem to adore each other. Also saw Alex, again his family seems to love having him and Alex looks so content and Zeke. It is definitely a pleasure to see all the adopters and past fosters, gives warm-fuzzy feelings. We all sit around and gush about the dogs and swap stories while giving dogs lots of belly-rubs.

Both Sheba and Max won a dog game! Sheba tied for the food eating contest, which included easy items (doritos, cheese) and harder items (spinach, radish, sour gummy bear) and the tie-breaker - a lime. She got a cute dog toy. Max won the egg relay race. Max and I start at the starting line with Mike waiting at the end (about 20 feet away). I put a raw egg into Max's mouth and he has to carry it to Mike and release into Mike's hand with no punctures or cracks. Initially Max tried to spit out the egg, but I just shoved it back in and pushed him to Mike. Mike called Max over and Max just dropped the egg into Mike's hand! Max has such a gentle mouth that he never cracked the egg. He got a nice collar and doggy toy as a prize.

LRR also had CGC testing (Canine Good Citizen) there. I'm proud to say that Max and Sheba passed with flying colors and are now CGC certified!

The picnic was a rousing success for us this year. I hope next year is just as fun.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Another swap

We had to move Koda to a different foster home after only two weeks. For whatever reason, Koda would not eat his food at our house (not a problem at other foster homes)! I think it's because he has a junk food tooth. Whenever he needed to go into the crate, we'd use a doggie treat to entice him in. My guess is that he enjoyed the treats so much that he didn't want to eat his food. We know it wasn't his appetite because he had no hesitation eating pizza off the floor or treats or anything non-dog-food-ish (yeah, it's not a real word, I know). Normally we'd wait him out, but he's currently on antibiotics for his hematoma. Medication without food would upset his stomach and he'd end up throwing up. We found out that he loved wet dog food so for the last few days, we gave him that, but it's certainly more expensive than dry food.

Koda has come a long way though. He's been able to go up and down our stairs with very little persuasion now. He's also very affectionate and loves to be pet. He's so low-energy; he spends most of his time laying near you. He's not much of a retriever, but he did enjoy a good walk. I do hope he finds a good home, someone who wants a furry couch potato!

So we ended up with Zoe on friday. She's a 3 year old yellow female that is still quite puppy-ish. She's a bit crazy with strangers and jumps all over the place. She's also quite a talker! She'll whine, bark, and growl when she wants your attention in some way. The worst part is she's an EARLY riser. She's up at 5:30 almost on the dot every morning and starts whining for attention. The spray bottle works to calm her down for about 15 minutes, then she starts again. It's been a tiring weekend. Working on her talking and her leash walking...boy, she's a puller, almost as bad as Alex was.

When we got her on friday, we let her run around the backyard with Max. They were all over the yard wandering and sniffing everything. When they came back up the deck, I took one look at her, yelled, "Oh my god!" and slammed the back door before she could come in. Zoe had found our muddy stream in the backyard and not only walked through it, but stuck her muzzle into it. We decided to hose her down since towels didn't seem like enough to get all the mud off. She certainly seemed happy about her first adventure though!

Saturday, August 6, 2005

Koda, the yellow bear

Time for a new foster, lots of moves recently. We only had Birdie for a week, but we had to move her since they needed a foster home for Koda. Birdie was quite a sweetheart and very easy foster. I'm sure she'll find a home real fast. She really was a lot like our first foster dog, Lady (now Libby).

Koda is our new foster baby. He needs more work than a lot of our other foster dogs. There isn't much history on Koda, probably a stray. My guess is that he's spent a lot of time outside without much human interaction. He has a lot of problems with stairs and he's still learning how to go up and down them. He reminds me of Sheba with the stairs; he has to go up them all at once and nothing better be in the way. His fur is also pretty rough and he just doesn't seem comfortable in a household yet. We gave him a bath today which seems to help out with his fur.

He's starting to learn to beg for attention. I believe Koda probably didn't get much attention or petting and has learned to really enjoy it in his foster homes. He's a pretty low energy dog and will lay around for hours; however if you get up and start moving around, he'll make sure he follows you everywhere. He's definitely curious about the house. He'll often poke his nose into the closet or pantry when I open them. Currently he's sleeping half in and half out of our pantry.

Koda is a very sweet looking dog and very gentle. I think he needs a lot of stability before he's going to be comfortable. He's learning, but I think it's probably tough for an outdoor dog to adjust to being indoors all the time.

Friday, July 29, 2005

We've got a Birdie

We figured it was time to move Alex. He was way too comfortable in the house and had obviously become attached to our household and especially me; not to mention that I had certainly become attached to Alex. He seemed to fit in our house so well, constantly playing with Max and even trying to play with Sheba. We moved him last saturday and got Birdie in exchange.

Birdie is a cute little black lab, about 60 lbs. She reminds us a lot of Lady (our first foster). She's very sweet, calm, and loves attention. She's also a bit skittish and will bolt when startled. Definitely a low energy dog, but she loves to retrieve the ball and will go full out. We also took her over to the pool and after the first few times, she was diving into the water after the tennis ball like a pro.

Birdie has the hand maneuver down pretty well; that's where she nudges her nose under your hand and flips it to her head so you'll pet her. One night, while sleeping, my arm ended up over the bed. I woke up when she put her head under my hand so I'd pet her.

The name is a bit silly, but she's a great dog. She'd be really good for a first-time dog owner. Personally, I think there's a dominant little lady just waiting to come out of her. She just needs to be spoiled and it'll pop out.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

That's a neat trick

We seem to have a family of foxes who like our yard now. Noticed a momma fox and baby fox behind our fence a few days ago. Plus regularly there is a fox in our yard usually foraging for berries; it drives the dogs (esp Max) nutsos. Since I don't want any accidental scuffles between the dogs and the foxes, I've been very careful about not opening the backdoor until the fox has run outside the fence boundary.

One day, Max was at his normal spot by the family room window when he spotted the fox in the yard. Of course he started making all sorts of silly noises to get outside: grunts, whines, squeaks, barks, and howls. I look outside and there is a fox, proud as you please, under the tree on our hill. This guy must be pretty self-confident because he was looking right back at me and made no move to leave. The dogs are going crazy at this time running all over the place, so I squeeze myself out the back door to prevent the dogs from getting out and stand on the deck trying to scare the fox away. The fox finally leaves and jumps over the fence, so I head back indoors to let the dogs out. Strangely, I can't seem to get the back door open. I figure it must be jammed somehow. Luckily, Mike was in the kitchen and opens the door for me. Apparently while I was outside, the dogs were still jumping around and managed to lock the bolt on the back door! I think next time, I'll just stay indoors and wait until the fox leaves on its own.

Sunday, July 3, 2005

Scare of the week

Had a few years out of my life taken off yesterday. The dogs were all inside and freaking out by the back windows. I look outside and see a fox in our backyard, no surprise. I wait for the fox to jump over our gate before letting the dogs out. That keep Max from actually catching the fox and possibly getting into a fight, but gives him some excitement as he chases the scent all over the backyard.

While I let the pooches out (by the way, Max is sounding a lot like Quinn did when he rushes down the stairs chasing after an animal, a lot of high-pitched whining and half-barks), I noticed a stuffed animal outside, so I head out to grab it. While outside, I notice a gap between two fence posts. It took me about 5 secs to put it together, but the back gate had somehow gotten unlatched (probably all the overgrowth around the fence). I, of course, freak out and rush to the gate and start calling for Max and Alex. Alex comes rushing back to me, thank goodness he's bonded so strongly to me. No Max. So I get the dogs inside, having to wipe down Alex since he had the stream mud all over him, grab the leash and tennis ball and rush into the car.

I start cruising up our street yelling, "Max! Max!" every few feet. While doing this, I run into Rex's mom (Barbara) jogging the street (Rex is a yellow lab that our dogs will play with while we got for a walk) and let her know that Max got out. If she sees him, would she please bring him back to our house. Then I head to the street over and start yelling his name over and over. I get out at the end of the street and walk the common ground hoping to hear his collar jingling but nothing. At this point, I figure I should head home and check around that common area before heading further out. I head into the driveway and notice Barbara at our door with Max! She was jogging down the street and noticed him wandering around so she grabbed him and brought him back to the house. Thank goodness! I'm so glad he came back to the house area, but I could have strangled him for putting me into such a panic. Max probably had a jolly time and dreamt about chasing fox that night. I'm going to have to put a ziptie around the latch to make sure it doesn't get loose in the future.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sneak thief

Alex is definitely a lab, he's smart and food-oriented. He's learned how to open the food container in the mudroom. Originally when he first tried, he used his paws and claws so we've got gouges and dirt marks in our drywall now. Oh well, we already have lots of "souvenirs" from previous fosters, this just makes one more. Now he's learned he just needs to stretch his neck and use his nose to nudge the handle into the open position. He'll often sneak into the mudroom when I'm in another room and start snacking. I've learned that if Alex isn't near me, I'd better go looking for him in the mudroom. It is fun to watch though, if I hear him in the mudroom, sometimes I'll just sneak to the entrance and watch him. He's become more frequent about his snacking though, so I'll have to tape the handle closed so our Alex doesn't turn into a chubby butt.

He's still a total sweetie-pie. He follows me everywhere. While I've been painting our great room, he'll sleep under the ladder. When I move the ladder, without fail, Alex will get up and move back under the ladder. We'll definitely need to move him soon since we don't want him to think this is his permanent home. I am really going to miss him though. He plays with Max a lot (Max hasn't been this active for a while), he plays with Molotov (a friend's dog we're dogsitting), and he loves attention. I can't believe no one has snatched him up yet.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Not much of a swimmer

Took the dogs to the pool earlier this week. Max is definitely starting to enjoy the water more and more. There is now less hesitation when jumping into the water and went after Sheba's ball a few times. Unfortunately one time he pulled a "Quinn" and beaned Sue in the head when he jumped in. Sheba, of course, loves the pool and will keep going in and in and in. The kids loved throwing the ball in the pool for Sheba too.

Alex enjoys the water, but he's not too crazy about swimming. In our backyard, he enjoys the wading pool and will soak in it. In the swimming pool, he wouldn't go beyond the first step and when I tried to get him in deeper, he really became frantic and very rigid. He did enjoy running around the edge of the pool following the dogs and myself around. Of course he ended up tearing up his paws a bit from the cement, so we've been taking it easy the last few days on activity. He must have a pretty high tolerance since I didn't even notice him limping until two days later when we were at the dog park.

Alex is become quite settled at the house. He still sticks to me like glue. If Mike goes downstairs first and I'm still in bed, the dogs will go down with Mike, but after they've been outside, Alex will head immediately back into the bedroom and keep me company. He's also bonked his head a few times on the various bathroom doors when I've locked him out.

He gets along really well with our dogs. Sheba just kind of tolerates him, but Alex and Max are still doing the keep-away game a lot. Alex is settling down though, not as much energy as when he first came in. He seems content to sleep a lot more of the day away, but he is an early riser. Usually about 6:30 or slightly earlier, he'll wake up and hop on the bed for his morning belly rubs.

This weekend, the doggies got the yummy bacon grease treat. Shared very nicely too.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Velcro puppy

I've mentioned that Alex is a cuddle-bunny, but I didn't realize how much he loves/needs attention. He's become embedded in our household routine and does very well now, he's adjusted much quicker than some of our previous foster dogs. One thing though, Alex has bonded to me very fast!

Like most foster dogs, he follows me around everywhere; however he takes it a bit extreme. He'll shove his way into the toilet closet with me, and has followed me into the shower. When we're in the kitchen and I'm sitting at the island, he'll lay underneath the island, but when I move over to the kitchen desk (whole 10 feet away), Alex will get up and either sit right by my desk chair or underneath the desk completely. I guess since I've been spending so much time with him and giving him lots of hugs and kisses, he's decided he likes me. I hope it won't affect his move to his permanent home or new foster home later.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Keep away

We were right when we figured another dog would keep Max busy. Alex and Max have been playing keep-away for a few days, but it really became pretty intense today. Max would pick up the stuffed toy (or two) and just meander around the first floor with it. Alex would trot behind Max looking very innocent, then all of a sudden lunge for the toy. Surprisingly Max moves very quickly when he wants to, he's got a great technique on whipping his head around. They did this for about 1.5 hours this afternoon non-stop. This is pretty surprising since Max is a pretty mellow dog; I figured he must be exhausted with all the walking and evading. I took the stuffed toys out of the room to try to give Max a break, but he just grabbed a towel and continued to play keep away with Alex, so I gave them back the toys. I knew Max was definitely enjoying himself when I saw him taunting Alex with the toys after Alex sat down for a break.

So for almost 2 hrs straight (with about three 5min breaks), Max spent walking around the house with his mouth full of two stuffed toys while Alex would stalk him. I don't think I've seen quite so much devotion to the game before. Hopefully all the playing will wear them out for tonight and they'll both sleep like logs!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Time to foster again

It has now been a few months since Quinn has passed away. It has been more difficult than I had imagined. Quinn is the first dog that we've ever lost, and we still think about him a lot but it has gotten easier over time. Due to Quinn, and also adopting Max 7 mos ago, we took a break from fostering for a while.

Recently we've noticed that Max seems bored at home. He does very well at the dog park, plus he plays really well with Jackson. So we figured it was time to start fostering again.

Last wednesday we got our foster, Alex. He's a 2-yr old chocolate boy who loves to cuddle with people. He needs to be near people constantly and will often tumble onto his back no matter where he is. He's tumbled off sofas and the patio because he would be leaning against it then twist his body to lay on his back and fall off.

He's definitely a medium energy dog. He needs to spend his energy at least twice a day or he'll drive us nuts at night. Yesterday, we forgot to play ball with him in the evening and he was really restless through the entire night. Lots of whining, pacing, jumping on the bed. I've been taking him to the dog park every morning and playing ball for about 15-30 min at night. He does really well at the park: cuddles with other people and chases other dogs around.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bye bye my Quinn baby.

Quinn crossed the Rainbow Bridge tonight at 7:45pm. He's had a gastronoma (pancreas tumor) for a few years now, but its been mostly under control. Unfortunately he started declining in the past month. He's lost 10 lbs, and over the previous weekend, declined sharply. He started vomiting everything and was taken to the hospital to get fluids. We brought him back home, but he was only able to hold down food for about 12 hours and the cycle started again. By tuesday morning, we knew his quality of life was severely suffering. He could barely get up and wouldn't walk more than a few steps before laying back down. He showed no interest in food (including potato chips, milk, and any other goodies we could think of) or water.

It was the hardest thing we've had to do, but we knew it had to be done. We took him in tonight and it was over pretty quickly with no pain for Quinn. We know he's waiting for us at the Bridge, playing ball and eating hordes of steaks and popcorn. We'll miss him terribly but we know he's at peace and no longer in any pain.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bye bye, Zeke!

Zeke went off to his next foster home tonight. Since we're going out of town soon, we had to move him. Also we've learned that four dogs is a bit too much for us, the dogpark visits and walks are really challenging.

We've taken Zeke to the dog park a couple more times now and he does really well. Although he really likes the humans (couple big jumps and licks), he's started really enjoying the other dogs in the park too. He'll chase after them and play. He and Max have also started playing a lot more...in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Zeke is so funny when he wrestles, he makes these honking-type noises and wookie noises combined. Its great listening to him. Max seems to have gotten over his jealousy too, he doesn't sulk as much as when Zeke first got to the house.

Overall, Zeke is a really great dog. He seems to bond pretty hard to his foster home. When we first got him, it took him a few days to settle down (other fosters usually take 24-48 hours at most) and he was constantly pacing and panting. Once he did settle down though, he was totally velcro; he'd follow us around everywhere. As soon as we got off the couch, he would immediately pop up and go wherever we went. He's definitely very people-oriented and needs to find a home that doesn't mind his constant affection.

He is so orally fixated! When he's not trying to lick off your nose, mouth, chin, etc he's got to have something in his mouth. He walks around with stuffed animals (sans the feet...he bites them off), kongs, balls, whatever he can find. He really does well with nylabones and plastic bones, but if they aren't around, he'll make do with plastic. We've caught him eating tennis balls. He peels off the fuzz and chews on the rubber and then swallows the pieces. He's also done the same with plastic squeaky toys. He'd probably do great with rawhides, but since he needs to watch his svelte figure, we haven't given him any.

I do really like Zeke a lot. I think he's really sweet and active for a 6 year old. Personally, I think he's really affectionate because he's not used to it and he loves being around people. I have a feeling that once he's in his permanent home, he'll start to settle down and slow down a little (as long as he gets his daily walks/play sessions). I hope he finds a great home!

Monday, February 7, 2005

Dog park

Took the dogs to the Reston dog park on saturday. The weather was finally warm enough and snow wasn't falling. Its more difficult to take 4 dogs in the pilot as opposed to the rodeo. The rodeo's back had a window that would open, and then a back hatch that would swing out. We could open the window and leash the dogs, then let them out the back. With the pilot, the back end opens up completely, so its much more difficult to have a controlled exit out of the car.

We finally got all four dogs into the park where Quinn immediately wanted to play fetch and Max went to greet all the other dogs. Zeke was a bit nervous and started drooling, but found all the humans to slime. Sheba also played a little bit with some dogs. Its great watching Sheba and Quinn become more socialized with other dogs. Zeke sniffed some of the dogs, but didn't play much with them, he was much happier receiving petting from the humans.

There was this 4-mos old Rottie puppy at the park. She was holding her own pretty good, but there are a lot of big dogs at the park and she was probably only about 30 lbs or so. She was running along with a couple of other dogs, lost her footing and went head-over-heels. She immediately starting up a series of 'YIPE YIPE YIPE' noises. This seemed to draw the attention of all the other dogs in the park who converged upon this poor puppy who was running into a corner and crying louder (drawing even more attention). All the owners had to pull the dogs away from her and her owner lifted her out of the pack of poochies. She wasn't hurt (a few scratches from the fall), but she was definitely intimidated by all these big dogs coming for her. The whole scene had everyone feeling sorry for the poor puppy, but it was also funny to watch. It was one of those "heheh, poor baby" moments.

You guys wanna play now??

So the good news is that Zeke and Max are starting to play together. The bad news is that they seem to prefer playing right as we're going to sleep. So thursday night we were in bed and Zeke had a toy that Max wanted. Max went over and tried to take the toy and soon wrestling/playing ensued. There were a lot of soft woofs and wookie-type noises while they were wrestling and poking each other. They finally settled down after a half hour of playing around. The next night the same thing started to happen. They started playing while we were in bed and continued for about half an hour. Unfortunately Zeke had drunk a lot of water previously, so he started to pee in the middle of playing. Needless to say, that got us up real fast and playtime was over. The worse part was that Zeke didn't pee in one spot but moved around so we had to blot all the little droplets in a squiggly line.

At least Zeke has settled down, no longer panting all the time, and he's become much more comfortable in the house. He still tap-dances in a circle when he's happy and excited, but he settles down a lot faster and isn't in our face all the time. He does have a great face, I know people are going to totally fall for the velcro poochie.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Zeke, the licking machine!

Got Zeke as our new foster dog on Sat. He's 106 lbs of yellow-furry-lickin-love! We were hoping that he would play with Max and tire him out but that doesn't seem to be the case. Zeke is a great dog, but not much of a dog's dog. He absolutely loves people and will follow us around everywhere.

When we brought him home, Zeke was definitely nervous with the gang. Max immediately wanted to play with him, but Zeke was having no part of that. Quinn tried to hump Zeke (poor insecure Quinn), but its difficult for our gimpy Quinn (75 lbs) to try to mount 106 lbs of dog. Hopefully in another day or two, Zeke will settle down some more. He pants all the time, when he's not busy licking you. Zeke does have this funny tap-dancing habit though. When he gets all excited (which happens when we're moving around), he'll tap-dance in a circle, lifting his legs up and down with no rhythm and moving around in a circle. Its great to watch.

We think Max is having a tough time adjusting to a new dog in the house. He's been much more velcro and touchy-feely than before. He also gets very jealous when Zeke comes by for a petting. Sheba and Quinn are old pros at this, so they don't have any issues. As long as they get to play ball, eat, and sleep where they want, the two of them are happy.

I'll have to take some pictures of Zeke and post them. He is a cutie!

Monday, January 24, 2005

Snow dogs

Got some snow this weekend. Weathermen predicted 5-9 inches, but we only got about 2.5-3 in. The dogs seem to really enjoy the snow, especially Max. Sheba and Max seem to get the puppy crazies whenever they are out in the snow. Unfortunately the princess didn't want to play with Max when he started chasing her around.

Course it was freezing this weekend so we didn't get to take them for walks or to the dogpark at all. So this morning we figured they needed a walk to get some extra energy out. As soon as we left our driveway, the doggies started limping. We completely forgot about the salted roads and how caustic it is to the dog paws! We pulled them onto the lawn and had them walk around a little while to try to get the salt off their paws, then took them into the garage and washed their paws with some warm water. No walk today. :-(

With the lack of walks and dogpark visits, I think Max has become more antsy for a playmate. Because of that, we got suckered into fostering again. I don't think its a permanent thing, but the rescue got two more dogs from Frederick. So next week, I pick up Zeke. Zeke is supposed to be similar to Max, big and goofy which will be good for Max. He needs a playmate and we really like the big and goofy ones.

On a side note, Timojhen told us a story about Max when he was with them last weekend. On the morning when Timojhen was bringing Max back to us, he and Max went out to his car. Timojhen spent some time getting the car set up so Max could get in. Once finished, he motioned Max into the car. Max bent his head, spit out two of Troy's sock and jumped into the car! Heheh, with Max's big mouth, no one had noticed him steal the socks that morning.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Vacation for the dogs

I think all three doggies had a good time where they were. Nancy, Troy, and Timojhen were all happy to have Max for a few days, and he still hasn't eaten Lulu (their cat). When they went out over the weekend to get some air, Max was up to his old tricks and moved around their shoes and put a pair of pillows by their window (I guess he wanted to be a comfortable nosy neighbor!). Nancy caved and let Max sleep on their bed for the weekend, which made Max very happy, but I'm sure it was a bit tight for the humans. I'm so glad they like Max so much, we don't feel guilty about asking them to dogsit him at all.

Sheba also did quite well at Scott/Sue's house. The twins loved Sheba and would spend a lot of time petting and touching her. She did bark at their cats, the cats didn't like that much. I'm sure she was quite spoiled and got little tidbits of food from the twins and from Scott and Sue. To protect the cats, Sheba wasn't allowed in the bedroom, which I'm sure she was quite upset about, but otherwise I know she was treated like a total princess.

Quinn did surprisingly well on the trip. We put a dogbed in the truck and a comforter to make it as comfortable as possible for him. The dogbed gave him enough extra height to stick his nose outside the window while still laying down. He liked that, and that meant the windows went down a lot on the way to NC and back to VA; the humans weren't too crazy about that. We gave him some dramamine to make sure he didn't get too carsick, but he did very well in the car. He would want air once in a while, but otherwise would just lay down on the dog bed and relax. He would perk up considerably whenever we had fastfood in the car.

We stayed in LaQuinta since the hotel allows dogs with no restrictions or extra fees. The hotel was surprisingly nice, and it was pretty neat taking a dog in and out of the hotel. If we had to take a dog on a trip again, we'd probably stay at the hotel in the future.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Quick trip to NC

With the holiday weekend (known in VA as Lee/Jackson/King day) upcoming, Mike and I have decided to take a trip to NC and check it out. Timojhen seems pleased to watch Max again and I know Max will have a ball. Scott/Sue (our neighbors) are going to watch Sheba, and I know their twin girls will enjoy having her around. Unfortunately Quinn's going to have to come with us. Linda watched him last time, but we don't want to overdo asking her (since he's so high maintenance). LaQuinta motels allows dogs with no extra fees or restrictions, so we'll be staying there during the weekend.

Gonna take the SUV down so Quinn will be comfortable. Since hotels don't want you to leave the dog unattended, he'll be exploring with us. He seems pretty comfortable in cars overall (but we're NOT leaving the windows down for 5 hours), so we hope he'll do well on the trip. We'll be spending a lot of time in the car with a couple of pit stops for him. The Raleigh area has a dog park and state park, so we'll probably stop off there for a breather and to let Quinn stretch his legs.

We'll see how he does!

Saturday, January 8, 2005

Peanut butter breath

Knowing Max is a countersurfer, Mike and I have been more conscientious about moving food into cabinets and the pantry. Of course we've missed a few items in the past. Every morning we give Quinn his pills in peanut butter and give Sheba and Max a couple of licks also. I forgot and left the jar on the counter, but really it was a closed container, how could it be a problem? HA

When Mike and I got home, we saw an odd stain on the family room carpet. Thought Quinn had thrown up again, but the stains were more splotchy. Plus while we were watching, Quinn walked over and started licking the stains pretty vigorously. We shrugged it off and figured we'd clean it up....then I walked upstairs. By the stairs I found the mangled peanut butter jar and a very large peanut butter stain on the hallway (white) carpet.

I have no idea how Max got the top off the jar, but he had licked the inside of the jar clean as far as his tongue could reach. Then he chewed the bottom of the jar to reach the remaining peanut butter! I wonder if he shared with Sheba and Quinn?

Of course with the double portions that Max got at Timojhen's house (misunderstanding of how much he should be fed) and the peanut butter, Mr. Chubby-butt has made out quite well in the last few weeks. Unfortunately party's over and he's on short rations for a while to try to lose some of his extra weight.

We've gotten even more careful about leaving nothing edible on counters now!