Scare of the week

Had a few years out of my life taken off yesterday. The dogs were all inside and freaking out by the back windows. I look outside and see a fox in our backyard, no surprise. I wait for the fox to jump over our gate before letting the dogs out. That keep Max from actually catching the fox and possibly getting into a fight, but gives him some excitement as he chases the scent all over the backyard.

While I let the pooches out (by the way, Max is sounding a lot like Quinn did when he rushes down the stairs chasing after an animal, a lot of high-pitched whining and half-barks), I noticed a stuffed animal outside, so I head out to grab it. While outside, I notice a gap between two fence posts. It took me about 5 secs to put it together, but the back gate had somehow gotten unlatched (probably all the overgrowth around the fence). I, of course, freak out and rush to the gate and start calling for Max and Alex. Alex comes rushing back to me, thank goodness he's bonded so strongly to me. No Max. So I get the dogs inside, having to wipe down Alex since he had the stream mud all over him, grab the leash and tennis ball and rush into the car.

I start cruising up our street yelling, "Max! Max!" every few feet. While doing this, I run into Rex's mom (Barbara) jogging the street (Rex is a yellow lab that our dogs will play with while we got for a walk) and let her know that Max got out. If she sees him, would she please bring him back to our house. Then I head to the street over and start yelling his name over and over. I get out at the end of the street and walk the common ground hoping to hear his collar jingling but nothing. At this point, I figure I should head home and check around that common area before heading further out. I head into the driveway and notice Barbara at our door with Max! She was jogging down the street and noticed him wandering around so she grabbed him and brought him back to the house. Thank goodness! I'm so glad he came back to the house area, but I could have strangled him for putting me into such a panic. Max probably had a jolly time and dreamt about chasing fox that night. I'm going to have to put a ziptie around the latch to make sure it doesn't get loose in the future.