Another swap

We had to move Koda to a different foster home after only two weeks. For whatever reason, Koda would not eat his food at our house (not a problem at other foster homes)! I think it's because he has a junk food tooth. Whenever he needed to go into the crate, we'd use a doggie treat to entice him in. My guess is that he enjoyed the treats so much that he didn't want to eat his food. We know it wasn't his appetite because he had no hesitation eating pizza off the floor or treats or anything non-dog-food-ish (yeah, it's not a real word, I know). Normally we'd wait him out, but he's currently on antibiotics for his hematoma. Medication without food would upset his stomach and he'd end up throwing up. We found out that he loved wet dog food so for the last few days, we gave him that, but it's certainly more expensive than dry food.

Koda has come a long way though. He's been able to go up and down our stairs with very little persuasion now. He's also very affectionate and loves to be pet. He's so low-energy; he spends most of his time laying near you. He's not much of a retriever, but he did enjoy a good walk. I do hope he finds a good home, someone who wants a furry couch potato!

So we ended up with Zoe on friday. She's a 3 year old yellow female that is still quite puppy-ish. She's a bit crazy with strangers and jumps all over the place. She's also quite a talker! She'll whine, bark, and growl when she wants your attention in some way. The worst part is she's an EARLY riser. She's up at 5:30 almost on the dot every morning and starts whining for attention. The spray bottle works to calm her down for about 15 minutes, then she starts again. It's been a tiring weekend. Working on her talking and her leash walking...boy, she's a puller, almost as bad as Alex was.

When we got her on friday, we let her run around the backyard with Max. They were all over the yard wandering and sniffing everything. When they came back up the deck, I took one look at her, yelled, "Oh my god!" and slammed the back door before she could come in. Zoe had found our muddy stream in the backyard and not only walked through it, but stuck her muzzle into it. We decided to hose her down since towels didn't seem like enough to get all the mud off. She certainly seemed happy about her first adventure though!