Snow dogs

Got some snow this weekend. Weathermen predicted 5-9 inches, but we only got about 2.5-3 in. The dogs seem to really enjoy the snow, especially Max. Sheba and Max seem to get the puppy crazies whenever they are out in the snow. Unfortunately the princess didn't want to play with Max when he started chasing her around.

Course it was freezing this weekend so we didn't get to take them for walks or to the dogpark at all. So this morning we figured they needed a walk to get some extra energy out. As soon as we left our driveway, the doggies started limping. We completely forgot about the salted roads and how caustic it is to the dog paws! We pulled them onto the lawn and had them walk around a little while to try to get the salt off their paws, then took them into the garage and washed their paws with some warm water. No walk today. :-(

With the lack of walks and dogpark visits, I think Max has become more antsy for a playmate. Because of that, we got suckered into fostering again. I don't think its a permanent thing, but the rescue got two more dogs from Frederick. So next week, I pick up Zeke. Zeke is supposed to be similar to Max, big and goofy which will be good for Max. He needs a playmate and we really like the big and goofy ones.

On a side note, Timojhen told us a story about Max when he was with them last weekend. On the morning when Timojhen was bringing Max back to us, he and Max went out to his car. Timojhen spent some time getting the car set up so Max could get in. Once finished, he motioned Max into the car. Max bent his head, spit out two of Troy's sock and jumped into the car! Heheh, with Max's big mouth, no one had noticed him steal the socks that morning.