Sneak thief

Alex is definitely a lab, he's smart and food-oriented. He's learned how to open the food container in the mudroom. Originally when he first tried, he used his paws and claws so we've got gouges and dirt marks in our drywall now. Oh well, we already have lots of "souvenirs" from previous fosters, this just makes one more. Now he's learned he just needs to stretch his neck and use his nose to nudge the handle into the open position. He'll often sneak into the mudroom when I'm in another room and start snacking. I've learned that if Alex isn't near me, I'd better go looking for him in the mudroom. It is fun to watch though, if I hear him in the mudroom, sometimes I'll just sneak to the entrance and watch him. He's become more frequent about his snacking though, so I'll have to tape the handle closed so our Alex doesn't turn into a chubby butt.

He's still a total sweetie-pie. He follows me everywhere. While I've been painting our great room, he'll sleep under the ladder. When I move the ladder, without fail, Alex will get up and move back under the ladder. We'll definitely need to move him soon since we don't want him to think this is his permanent home. I am really going to miss him though. He plays with Max a lot (Max hasn't been this active for a while), he plays with Molotov (a friend's dog we're dogsitting), and he loves attention. I can't believe no one has snatched him up yet.