Not much of a swimmer

Took the dogs to the pool earlier this week. Max is definitely starting to enjoy the water more and more. There is now less hesitation when jumping into the water and went after Sheba's ball a few times. Unfortunately one time he pulled a "Quinn" and beaned Sue in the head when he jumped in. Sheba, of course, loves the pool and will keep going in and in and in. The kids loved throwing the ball in the pool for Sheba too.

Alex enjoys the water, but he's not too crazy about swimming. In our backyard, he enjoys the wading pool and will soak in it. In the swimming pool, he wouldn't go beyond the first step and when I tried to get him in deeper, he really became frantic and very rigid. He did enjoy running around the edge of the pool following the dogs and myself around. Of course he ended up tearing up his paws a bit from the cement, so we've been taking it easy the last few days on activity. He must have a pretty high tolerance since I didn't even notice him limping until two days later when we were at the dog park.

Alex is become quite settled at the house. He still sticks to me like glue. If Mike goes downstairs first and I'm still in bed, the dogs will go down with Mike, but after they've been outside, Alex will head immediately back into the bedroom and keep me company. He's also bonked his head a few times on the various bathroom doors when I've locked him out.

He gets along really well with our dogs. Sheba just kind of tolerates him, but Alex and Max are still doing the keep-away game a lot. Alex is settling down though, not as much energy as when he first came in. He seems content to sleep a lot more of the day away, but he is an early riser. Usually about 6:30 or slightly earlier, he'll wake up and hop on the bed for his morning belly rubs.

This weekend, the doggies got the yummy bacon grease treat. Shared very nicely too.