We've got a Birdie

We figured it was time to move Alex. He was way too comfortable in the house and had obviously become attached to our household and especially me; not to mention that I had certainly become attached to Alex. He seemed to fit in our house so well, constantly playing with Max and even trying to play with Sheba. We moved him last saturday and got Birdie in exchange.

Birdie is a cute little black lab, about 60 lbs. She reminds us a lot of Lady (our first foster). She's very sweet, calm, and loves attention. She's also a bit skittish and will bolt when startled. Definitely a low energy dog, but she loves to retrieve the ball and will go full out. We also took her over to the pool and after the first few times, she was diving into the water after the tennis ball like a pro.

Birdie has the hand maneuver down pretty well; that's where she nudges her nose under your hand and flips it to her head so you'll pet her. One night, while sleeping, my arm ended up over the bed. I woke up when she put her head under my hand so I'd pet her.

The name is a bit silly, but she's a great dog. She'd be really good for a first-time dog owner. Personally, I think there's a dominant little lady just waiting to come out of her. She just needs to be spoiled and it'll pop out.