Keep away

We were right when we figured another dog would keep Max busy. Alex and Max have been playing keep-away for a few days, but it really became pretty intense today. Max would pick up the stuffed toy (or two) and just meander around the first floor with it. Alex would trot behind Max looking very innocent, then all of a sudden lunge for the toy. Surprisingly Max moves very quickly when he wants to, he's got a great technique on whipping his head around. They did this for about 1.5 hours this afternoon non-stop. This is pretty surprising since Max is a pretty mellow dog; I figured he must be exhausted with all the walking and evading. I took the stuffed toys out of the room to try to give Max a break, but he just grabbed a towel and continued to play keep away with Alex, so I gave them back the toys. I knew Max was definitely enjoying himself when I saw him taunting Alex with the toys after Alex sat down for a break.

So for almost 2 hrs straight (with about three 5min breaks), Max spent walking around the house with his mouth full of two stuffed toys while Alex would stalk him. I don't think I've seen quite so much devotion to the game before. Hopefully all the playing will wear them out for tonight and they'll both sleep like logs!