Time to foster again

It has now been a few months since Quinn has passed away. It has been more difficult than I had imagined. Quinn is the first dog that we've ever lost, and we still think about him a lot but it has gotten easier over time. Due to Quinn, and also adopting Max 7 mos ago, we took a break from fostering for a while.

Recently we've noticed that Max seems bored at home. He does very well at the dog park, plus he plays really well with Jackson. So we figured it was time to start fostering again.

Last wednesday we got our foster, Alex. He's a 2-yr old chocolate boy who loves to cuddle with people. He needs to be near people constantly and will often tumble onto his back no matter where he is. He's tumbled off sofas and the patio because he would be leaning against it then twist his body to lay on his back and fall off.

He's definitely a medium energy dog. He needs to spend his energy at least twice a day or he'll drive us nuts at night. Yesterday, we forgot to play ball with him in the evening and he was really restless through the entire night. Lots of whining, pacing, jumping on the bed. I've been taking him to the dog park every morning and playing ball for about 15-30 min at night. He does really well at the park: cuddles with other people and chases other dogs around.