Velcro puppy

I've mentioned that Alex is a cuddle-bunny, but I didn't realize how much he loves/needs attention. He's become embedded in our household routine and does very well now, he's adjusted much quicker than some of our previous foster dogs. One thing though, Alex has bonded to me very fast!

Like most foster dogs, he follows me around everywhere; however he takes it a bit extreme. He'll shove his way into the toilet closet with me, and has followed me into the shower. When we're in the kitchen and I'm sitting at the island, he'll lay underneath the island, but when I move over to the kitchen desk (whole 10 feet away), Alex will get up and either sit right by my desk chair or underneath the desk completely. I guess since I've been spending so much time with him and giving him lots of hugs and kisses, he's decided he likes me. I hope it won't affect his move to his permanent home or new foster home later.