LRR Picnic

Boy, I really slacked off on the blog for a while. Hopefully I'll try to update a little more often now. Had the Lab Rescue annual reunion picnic 9/10 (so I'm about a month behind). This was Max's first picnic and I think he enjoyed himself pretty well. There was one point where horses were about 100 yards away (the park also has horse trails) and Max took off like a bullet towards them. When he was about 10 feet away, he came to a dead-stop and realized that these were not the size of squirrels but actually quite larger. He did a 360 and ran back to us as fast as possible and didn't chase anymore horses he may have seen.

Picnic was great, got to see Keebler; I forgot how big he was. Such a cutie, he and his family seem to adore each other. Also saw Alex, again his family seems to love having him and Alex looks so content and Zeke. It is definitely a pleasure to see all the adopters and past fosters, gives warm-fuzzy feelings. We all sit around and gush about the dogs and swap stories while giving dogs lots of belly-rubs.

Both Sheba and Max won a dog game! Sheba tied for the food eating contest, which included easy items (doritos, cheese) and harder items (spinach, radish, sour gummy bear) and the tie-breaker - a lime. She got a cute dog toy. Max won the egg relay race. Max and I start at the starting line with Mike waiting at the end (about 20 feet away). I put a raw egg into Max's mouth and he has to carry it to Mike and release into Mike's hand with no punctures or cracks. Initially Max tried to spit out the egg, but I just shoved it back in and pushed him to Mike. Mike called Max over and Max just dropped the egg into Mike's hand! Max has such a gentle mouth that he never cracked the egg. He got a nice collar and doggy toy as a prize.

LRR also had CGC testing (Canine Good Citizen) there. I'm proud to say that Max and Sheba passed with flying colors and are now CGC certified!

The picnic was a rousing success for us this year. I hope next year is just as fun.