Some stitching updates

Cirque du Soleil

Finished knitted blanket

Bailout bad or good?


Another room down, a gazillion more to go....

Pete is Mr. April!

Surprising benefits of the Wii Fit


Surprisingly exciting to watch

Only six months late

Woooo-hoooo weeeeee!!!!

Longest paint job...EVER!

It's about time!

Always something new

Happy Holly

The problem with high ceilings...

Super Pet Expo

Stitchin stuffages

Mongo-huge church

Carrie, lovebug & kisser

PMP test finally finished

I finished something!

There's a party in my mouth!

Valentine's stuffins

Finally!! More studying ahead

Dogs: Neurotic, Houdini, & Hallucination

Now for the waiting (& studying)

Oh boy, he's one of those...

Various bits of life

Late Xmas stuff

It's 2008 already?!?

It's a boy!