Late Xmas stuff

I meant to post this stuff much earlier but silly me forgot to take pictures before I gifted the presents. This year my sister, Jen, asked for some knit socks. I had made my first pair around Thanksgiving and she liked them so much I gave them to her. So I ordered 4 different colors with the plan to knit up 4 pairs of socks for Christmas for her. *snort*...this is where you knitters and needlecrafters will start laughing hysterically. I admit being a bit overly ambitious but I was still at least able to finish 2 pairs by Christmas. I used the same pattern for the previous socks just using different colors. I still have two more pairs to do, which I promise to complete before next christmas *big grin*. I plan to use different patterns this time to give them a little more depth, plus it gives me a bit of challenge too.

Coincidentally one of Jen's gifts to me was late too so I can post it in this blog. I had to share even though she and I are probably the only ones that "get it". When we were growing up we weren't really exposed to a lot of popular culture. We'd listen to the radio but really we didn't listen to anything specific except for one record that we LOVED! Keep in mind we were still in elementary/middle school so we hadn't formed opinions on music yet. Anyways, our parents had a 45 (remember records?) of the Bay City Rollers single "Saturday Night". We would play that over and over and sing with it. It still brings back fond memories. So Jen found an actual record album from the Bay City Rollers, framed it and gave it to me for Christmas! It's definitely one of those cool memorable gifts you never forget about. I can't wait to find a place to put it.


Anonymous said…
I wasn't laughing uncontrollably. I was nodding sagely. :-)
Anonymous said…
I remember it well....and for a refresher :
yup...some of us are O L D - grin