Various bits of life

We got a nice beautiful snowfall yesterday which is already starting to slowly melt away this morning. It was even more enjoyable since we were at home in the warmth, watching the snowfall outside. We had to take Max to the vet that afternoon so I called them to verify they were still open. They wanted to close early so we took Max a little earlier than the original appt. This was the best and fastest vet visit EVER! Since lots of other people had cancelled, and the vet office had rescheduled other appts, we were the only ones there. When we arrived, most of the staff was just up front dawdling, including the vet. We got there and immediately got taken into the office where Max's vitals were taken. Our vet came right after that and we were out of there in 30 minutes flat with no waiting. It was wonderful, I wish we could have snowstorms everytime we needed to take our dogs to the vet. (Max is fine, just a little conjunctivitis. He got some antibiotic eye drops)

With Mike back at work, I decided I better start looking for a job too. I put my resume out there back in late November and December and only got one nibble but it didn't work out. I've noticed that PMP (project mgmt certification) seems to be the new "in" thing for PM positions now, so I figured I might as well work towards mine. I took a PMP bootcamp (one LONG week of class) and put my application (which took FIVE hours to complete!) in for the exam. I got a response back yesterday of approval so I submitted my payment for testing. Unfortunately I was one of the 10% that is randomly audited. That means I have to track down my previous managers, have them review and verify my application for accuracy and sign the verification record. So now I'm in the midst of finding my various managers so I can do this. Unfortunately that means I can't take the test when I was hoping, originally the end of January. I have to wait for all the paperwork to be signed, send it back to PMI, wait for their review and approval, then I can sign up for the test. I've been spending this week studying like mad to cram all the bootcamp info in, but I've lost some steam knowing that I have to wait now. Hopefully I'll be better motivated next week to restart the studying cause this is a tough exam and I really don't want to have to retake it. I think the entire PMP cert process is very much modeled after the CISSP cert process. I can't wait until the whole thing is finished. I better find a job after all this work!