Super Pet Expo

Took the pooches to Super Pet Expo at the Dulles Expo Center this past saturday. The expo contains local vendors that sell all sorts of pet items. The expo seems to get more popular every year especially since pets are allowed. We got there shortly after it opened and it was already extremely packed.

This is the first time Pete has attended such a large function and we were curious to see how he would do. Unfortunately he did not start with a stellar performance. While we were waiting for Scott and Sue outside, Pete decided he needed to "own" Mike so he peed on his shoes and pants! Needless to say, Mike was NOT pleased so I took Pete and he took Max (I did not get peed on).

This year it seemed all the dog bakeries were out in force and Pete found every single one of them. Poor Pete didn't understand why he wasn't allowed to eat any of the wonderful items he kept smelling, especially since they were all out in the open (and almost at nose/mouth height). Both Pete and Max got a lot of loving from strangers. Pete because he is a chocolate lab (not seen as often as yellow or blacks) and Max because of his lab/dane mix. At one table, Max charmed the vendors into giving him more than a few pieces of chicken jerky because his head easily rested on their table and he gave them his best sad-eye stare.

Overall the dogs were very well behaved and handled themselves better than I expected. They got lots of extra goodies from the vendors, Pete got a nice new collar, and I got a cute dog bookmark.