Finished knitted blanket

With the addition of twitter into my repertoire of "stuff" I have, I've been blogging a lot less these days; however I do need to show off a recent obligation piece I did.

A friend of mine is expecting a baby in December. A while back we were chatting and she was poking a bit of fun at the "crafty" group of people (knitting, scrapbooking, etc) without realizing I was a knitter. Once I admitted that I also did a lot of needlecraft work, she started poking a bit of fun at me (all in good nature). Honestly I don't care if someone doesn't understand the pull of "crafts", I really enjoy doing them so defending my hobbies isn't a bit deal. We had a bit of fun and moved on. Shortly afterwards I found out she was pregnant so I thought it would be perfect if I knitted something for the baby.

There's a free pattern out there called Moderne Baby Blanket. It's modeled after quilted blankets but instead of piecing fabric together, you piece together blocks of knitting. The pattern is super easy since all you do is knit (garter stitch) the entire piece. After finishing the knitting, I did a half-double crochet around the entire piece to give it a finished look. I'm very pleased at how it turned out and it's not a traditional blanket so I knew my friend would like it. The blanket was very well-received at the shower and I got to poke some gentle fun at her.


Cindy said…
It looks great! I have half a mind to scale one up and do it in blues for myself!
Susan said…
It's purdy purdy purdy!!