Pete is Mr. April!

Every year LRR (the lab rescue we volunteer with) puts out a calendar with LRR alumni dogs. All adopters are encouraged to enter pictures of LRR alumni and the twelve best are chosen for the yearly calendar. The calendars are well-made and all proceeds go back to helping LRR's dogs; they make great Christmas gifts for those dog lover friends and co-workers (*hint hint*).

We entered some photos of Pete and Max for this year's calendar (Max made it in LRR's 2007 calendar). Unfortunately Max did not get chosen, but Pete's picture below was chosen for April, yay! I still think Max's bee picture should have been chosen, I love that shot (yes, the bee is still alive)!


Susan said…
It's my handsome chocolate boy! *makes kissy faces at Pete*
Branlaadee said…
Congratulations Pete! That picture is just adorable.