It's 2008 already?!?

I can't believe it's already 2008! It feels like just a couple of years ago that we were oncall for the famous Y2K bug in 1999, waiting with bated breath for all the ATMs to fail, the traffic lights to lose their minds, and the world to come crashing to a halt. Was that really almost 10 years ago? Time definitely seems to move faster each year and I have to get used to dating everything '08.

2007 was overall a very mixed year for us. Mike was stuck in chemo for the first few months of the year but he had a successful surgery to remove his stricture and for the first time in years he seemed to be in remission from his Crohn's disease. All of Mike's various health issues made us realize there was more to life then just working. We made the decision to leave work and spend 9-12 months traveling, spending time together, visiting friends, and visiting family. The second half of the year was great with our long-awaited 17-day Mediterranean cruise, visiting family and friends in NY, working on the house, spending time together and just enjoying the time off. I lost Sheba to cancer in October which was a major blow for both of us. There are still times when it literally hurts to think about her but other times when I can reminisce at all her silly antics.

This was also the year that my parents did some major cross-country driving sometimes causing Jen and I to worry. They spent three months traveling in their minivan all over the US. Most of the time it was great, but there were definitely some moments when we wouldn't hear from them that Jen and I would think all sorts of terrible things were happening. I think we learned that our parents can actually take care of themselves and not to worry so much, which was good because they also spent a few weeks traveling to Canada and a couple of weeks traveling south to FL later in the year.

I'll be interested to see what 2008 brings us. We've already added an addition to our family. Mike's got a new job with Comcast. I plan to get my PMP certification with the intention of finding a "real" PM position in N.Va. Hopefully we'll also do a really fun vacation this year too.