Some stitching updates

I've been very flighty about my needlework recently. For a while I didn't have much of an urge to cross-stitch but to knit/crochet instead. So I started and finished off a pair of fingerless mitts (which ended up being a bit too large, I need to rip them out and restart on a smaller size needle).

A couple friends and I meet once a week to just hang out and grab some lunch. I needed a mindless easy project to work on while we gabbed so I decided to crochet a marketbag since it was only dc stitches the entire way around. I finished that up relatively quickly.

After those two project were finished, I started another pair of fingerless mitts for my mom but lost interest in knitting so I flitted back to cross-stitch. I've been moving from project to project since nothing seems to hold my interest for longer than a week (I've always had follow-shiny-object syndrome). After working on a few projects, I thought I'd post some progress pictures of those since it's been a while.

Autumn Abstract (Vervaco) is currently one of my favorite projects. It's probably cause it's relatively easy, has great colors, and since there are so many motifs I get a sense of accomplishment just by finishing one little area.

Spanish Bleu (Sampler Cove) is also becoming a fast favorite. I have to admit I had a hard time getting into this project because I was stitching 1 over 2 on linen and my tension had to be pretty loose. It took a while but I finally got the hang of it and I'm now quite enjoying the project.

Celtic Banner (Butternut Rd) has been quite fun to stitch for a while but I got distracted with Spanish Bleu and Autumn Abstract so I pushed it aside but I worked on it for a short while recently.

Lastly but definitely not least, Coeur De Chiens (Rouge Rubis). A stitching angel named Sue bought me this chart and even provided me with fabric and floss for it! Obviously love this cause it's dog-themed but it's also different since it's negative space. It's a little tough for me since I'm doing 1 over 2 on 40-ct linen but I love the way it's turning out so far! It's not a big project so if I can get back into it, I could finish this one relatively quick.


Anonymous said…
wow... you certainly have been busy and productive! Love the shopping bag, my kind of easy project - grin and sooooo practical too! I remember they were very popular in the 50's.... trip down memory lane!
Love the doggies and fabric is splendid!
Happy holidays to you and yours,