Valentine's stuffins

We had a fantastic Valentine's dinner with Jen and Din at Filomena's in DC. I was nicely surprised when Mike was able to get reservations in early January there. Traffic was less than optimal, but it was a thursday and Valentine's day to boot so we weren't surprised.

It's always fun to hang out with Jen and Din. When Jen and I are together, we always end up getting so silly. I think Mike was just glad that we weren't driving home in the same car together.

Filomena's is a fantastic Italian restaurant located in Georgetown. We've been there only a couple of times, but the food is outstanding. Everything is homemade and the portions are huge. The food was definitely as good as I remembered but Jen's chicken ravioli was ...interesting. We all tried each other's food (except mine... no one's really a fan of seafood at the table), and when we tried Jen's ravioli, we were trying to figure out the unique flavor and realized it was smoked chicken. Mike tried it and was more direct in his assessment. He said it tasted like a fireplace, then said, "No, it tastes like an ashtry." Jen mulled it over and replied, "No, it tastes more like a fireplace." The chicken was definitely oversmoked, but it still tasted ok. I got the cheese ravioli with giant scallops and shrimp in a creamy lobster sauce....YUM. Even two days later the leftover is still delicious.

Then of course we all had to get dessert. Mike and Din got the chocolate cake while Jen and I got the white chocolate macadamia mousse. Both really good but by the time we finished, I think we were all ready to explode. Sleeping on a full stomach is quite uncomfortable, needless to say both Mike and I had a really light breakfast the next day. Excellent way to spend Valentine's day - good food and family.


Cindy said…
MMMMMMM! Just thinking about Filomena makes me hungry. Sounds like a great meal.