Mongo-huge church

On Easter we went to church with my parents, Jen, and Din. Usually on the main holidays we'll go to my parents' church but my Dad was very interested in visiting McLean Bible Church near Tysons Corner. MBC is one of those HUGE church with auditoriums and a very large parking garage. There is police there every Sunday to help direct the flow of traffic.

The entire service seemed a bit over-the-top to both Mike and myself. There's a stage with a full ensemble of stage lights, screens, and a full orchestra. There are cameras throughout the auditorium to film the entire worship so those further back can see close-up views on the screens. It's very similar to the services seen on tv on sundays. The sermon seemed a bit arrogant and rigid especially regarding Christianity vs other religions. While I understand that each religion thinks it is "the one", my parents' church is very tolerant and focuses on more important issues rather than differences of religions.

I do understand how people are drawn to the church and the message but I think I prefer a much more relaxed and smaller atmosphere in church.