PMP test finally finished

I PASSED, I PASSED! I am now PiMP certified, wheee!

The exam was this morning for 4 hours. Thank goodness Mike and I did a practice run on Sunday cause it was a bit tricky getting to the testing center. The test wasn't quite as hard as I expected but that's probably due to 1.5 months of almost straight studying and taking a multitude of practice tests.

I thought I'd find out my test results from PMI in a week or so but I got the results as soon as my test was over, one of the advantages of computer-testing.

I plan to spend the next week vegetating, then it's time to dust off and update my resume and go job hunting.


Susan said…

I *knew* you'd kick that test's butt!!

Do you have to go back to work, though? *makes big watery puppy dog eyes and sticks out her bottom lip*
techno said…
w00t! So proud of ya!
timojhen said…
Great stuff!!! Congratulations!

Enjoy that time off, you've earned it!
Cindy and Gray said…
Yay! Great job!

Hey - you don't want to come and veg in the Bahamas do you? :-)
Kaihizzle said…
Wow, congratulations!