Always something new

With such a beautiful day outside, I thought it would be nice for the dogs to spend it in the backyard. So I got two large beef knuckle bones for Max and Pete to gnaw outside. They are only allowed to eat these things outside because they do get a bit messy. The bone is smoked long enough the dogs just gnaw away at the bone. They both found cool areas to lay down in and started working away.

Well, after a couple of hours, I guess Pete had enough for the day. I keep an eye on them to make sure they don't wander around and just make sure they are doing ok. We noticed Pete started to get up and walk around with the rest of his bone in his mouth so I went down the deck to see how he was doing. Going down the stairs, Pete was in the small garden making odd head movements (obscured by our rhododendron) so I went over to see what he was doing. When I got to him, he was using his head to move piles of mulch around the plant then tamping it down with his nose. I watched him do this for about 3-4 minutes and realized he was burying his bone! We've never had one of our dogs (or fosters) show this behavior so it was fun to watch. Incredibly he was neat about digging the hole and putting all the mulch back where it should be. If I didn't come down while he was doing this, I never would have known he had dug in the garden. Just to be sure, I dug up the bone (surprisingly hard to find, he had buried it deep and close to the plant) so Pete wouldn't dig the garden back up to get to it in the future.

I wonder what else he's buried in our yard?


Susan said…
All those poochers you've had come through and you've never had a dog bury a bone before... wow!

Watch out the next time you misplace your car keys! ;)