Longest paint job...EVER!

After over six weeks, I finally finished painting the kitchen. This was definitely the longest paint job I've ever done although it really shouldn't have taken quite that long. We've wanted to paint our kitchen (and hallway and foyer and....etc) for a while but we haven't been able to pick a color. Finally found some paint chips from Home Depot (new paint product called Fresh Aire, no VOC chemicals) in shades of red and green so I brought those home. Fresh Aire (just recently released) was also giving out 3 free paint samples so I got a few and we liked the green the best. Painting that green took me less than a week to complete, although I got really tired of all the nooks and crannys of the kitchen.

I left one wall blank because we wanted to do an accent wall. Picking a new color for that wall took me about two weeks! Originally we were going to do a darker green but after speaking to Sue and Jen we were advised that lighter would be better. Sue picked out a color and said it would look really good but did I listen??? Instead I decided to try a couple of other colors first but nothing looked quite right. I finally bought the paint that Sue recommended and of course it looked fabulous. It took me about a week to finish because by this time I had somehow screwed up my back so it was pretty difficult to do any painting.

After finishing the wall, we realized that the niche wall and the staircase wall (originally left unpainted) would look better with the kitchen colors than with the hallway colors. Unfortunately by this time my back was really pretty painful so I didn't attempt to work on it until last week. I finally finished the darn thing last thursday so our kitchen is finally complete. Now I have to find window treatments, who knows how long that will take!?!

We are really quite pleased with the paint colors in the kitchen. It's subtle and clean but it also transitions really well into the family room. Next paint job will be the foyer/hallway area which is a doozy. I think I'll save that job for later...much later.


Susan said…
You know I think the green looks fabulous! You did an awesome job of painting, even if you did do it before your back was healed. (Bad Kat!)

You're right about window treatments being hard. I'm not sure what's going to be harder; the window treatments or the foyer.
Nicole said…
Great work! Congrats on the finish. Sorry to hear you hurt your back in the process (or just made it worse by painting with it). I hope it's all better soon.

And I must say, I LOOOOOVE your kitchen! One day I hope to have a lovely big kitchen like that.

Good luck with the window treatments, I'm sure between you and Sue you will come up with something that is made for the room and colours.
Cindy said…
I think the green looks great... very peaceful and serene. Great job!
Anonymous said…
Hello! While looking for a calming, peaceful green to paint my bedroom, I stumbled across your page. Please tell me what color that is. I didn't notice that particular color in Home Depot. Thank you so much!

Enjoy your day!