Now for the waiting (& studying)

Finally mailed off my audit package to PMI so I can take the PMP exam. Since the global center is located in PA, they should receive my package in the next couple of days. It takes them up to a week to process all the information and if I pass the audit, I'll get an email with a confirmation to take the test. If all goes well, I should be able to take the test by the end of next week, early the week after.

The audit package wasn't too hard to put together. Mostly just need all my old managers to verify and sign my work history records. One of my bosses retired and lives in Ohio..thank GOD for facebook! He was more than happy to get the paperwork, fill it out, and send it back to me. I met my other two managers for lunch (at different times) where we chatted about old times and I got their paperwork finished. I have to thank PMI and the audit since both my lunches were quite enjoyable.

I have to also provide proof that I've attended the PM-related classes in the past that I put on my application so I had to track down my certificates from those classes, copy them and add to the packet.

Lastly, I had to prove that I did have a bachelor's degree, again adding a copy in the audit package. That provided me a chance to relive a comic memory of Sheba. For those of you who graduated from College Park knows that during graduation you don't get your degree. It gets mailed to you in a brown tube several weeks later so there isn't a chance of any mixup. I got my degree in the mail and just tossed the tube in my room as I left for work. When I got home, I realized I made a small boo-boo; Sheba thought the brown tube was a toy and chewed a large section apart....OOPS. So I finished my illustrious educational career by having my dog eat my degree!! I thought it was fantastic so I never replaced the degree and just stored it away in the (mostly) intact brown tube. I found the tube a couple of days ago and copied the degree to add to the packet. Picture of degree below, pardon the coasters but it won't lay flat after 12 years in a tube. Plus I thought the themed coasters were rather appropriate to use.

So really, although the audit was a bit of a pain since I have to keep studying so all the information doesn't dribble outta my ears, it allowed me to meet up with my old managers and relive a great Sheba story. All in all, that's not a bad outcome at all.


Nicole said…
Hehehe, that's priceless. Thanks for sharing the Sheba moment.