Rambo, destructo-boy

Rambo is our newest foster. We've had him now for about 3 weeks and we'll be moving him next week. First week with Rambo was a bit challenging. The move from one foster home to ours seemed to stress him a lot. He had diarrhea for the first few days, probably from the change in food and the stress of moving. We put him on chicken and rice for a couple of days and flagyl (antibiotics) for a week and everything seemed much better. He seemed to have completely forgotten his housebreaking training. It had nothing to do with marking, and he would have accidents only 15 minutes after being outside. As soon as we woke up, we'd take Rambo outside for 15-20 minutes and while we're at home we'd take him out at least once every hour. That seemed to help a lot and Rambo has gotten much better. He also suffers some separation anxiety and will follow us everywhere. He gets anxious when we're somewhere he can't reach us, but it has gotten much better as he's settled in.

Rambo is definitely going through his puppyhood now, lots of playing and chewing. He loves to play with Max, a lot of wrestling and chasing. He also needs a lot of nylabones and chew toys. When he's playful or excited, he gets mouthy and needs to be corrected. Rambo also has some fear of stairs and needs to be lead up/down them a few times before he gets used to it.

Now that he's settled in (took about a week), his personality is starting to come through. While he's still very much a puppy, Rambo is a very sweet-natured dog and loves affection. He also settles down pretty quickly indoors and will lay down when you're not moving. He'll follow you around but he's not pushy, he just wants to be in the same room as you. He loves to play with Max and will often wrestle for 15-30 minutes with him, outside he'll get the puppy crazies and run around like a maniac while Max chases him. I would consider Rambo to be medium-low energy, he needs sessions of playtime but then crashes and sleeps for a while. He'd do well in a household with another dog to play with but he may be too mouthy and rambunctious for small kids; he ended up tackling our 5 yrd old neighbor when she ran from him. He also needs some obedience training, he's very smart and has been learning from our dogs, but he does need someone to continue teaching him his boundaries.