Peanut butter breath

Knowing Max is a countersurfer, Mike and I have been more conscientious about moving food into cabinets and the pantry. Of course we've missed a few items in the past. Every morning we give Quinn his pills in peanut butter and give Sheba and Max a couple of licks also. I forgot and left the jar on the counter, but really it was a closed container, how could it be a problem? HA

When Mike and I got home, we saw an odd stain on the family room carpet. Thought Quinn had thrown up again, but the stains were more splotchy. Plus while we were watching, Quinn walked over and started licking the stains pretty vigorously. We shrugged it off and figured we'd clean it up....then I walked upstairs. By the stairs I found the mangled peanut butter jar and a very large peanut butter stain on the hallway (white) carpet.

I have no idea how Max got the top off the jar, but he had licked the inside of the jar clean as far as his tongue could reach. Then he chewed the bottom of the jar to reach the remaining peanut butter! I wonder if he shared with Sheba and Quinn?

Of course with the double portions that Max got at Timojhen's house (misunderstanding of how much he should be fed) and the peanut butter, Mr. Chubby-butt has made out quite well in the last few weeks. Unfortunately party's over and he's on short rations for a while to try to lose some of his extra weight.

We've gotten even more careful about leaving nothing edible on counters now!