Dog park

Took the dogs to the Reston dog park on saturday. The weather was finally warm enough and snow wasn't falling. Its more difficult to take 4 dogs in the pilot as opposed to the rodeo. The rodeo's back had a window that would open, and then a back hatch that would swing out. We could open the window and leash the dogs, then let them out the back. With the pilot, the back end opens up completely, so its much more difficult to have a controlled exit out of the car.

We finally got all four dogs into the park where Quinn immediately wanted to play fetch and Max went to greet all the other dogs. Zeke was a bit nervous and started drooling, but found all the humans to slime. Sheba also played a little bit with some dogs. Its great watching Sheba and Quinn become more socialized with other dogs. Zeke sniffed some of the dogs, but didn't play much with them, he was much happier receiving petting from the humans.

There was this 4-mos old Rottie puppy at the park. She was holding her own pretty good, but there are a lot of big dogs at the park and she was probably only about 30 lbs or so. She was running along with a couple of other dogs, lost her footing and went head-over-heels. She immediately starting up a series of 'YIPE YIPE YIPE' noises. This seemed to draw the attention of all the other dogs in the park who converged upon this poor puppy who was running into a corner and crying louder (drawing even more attention). All the owners had to pull the dogs away from her and her owner lifted her out of the pack of poochies. She wasn't hurt (a few scratches from the fall), but she was definitely intimidated by all these big dogs coming for her. The whole scene had everyone feeling sorry for the poor puppy, but it was also funny to watch. It was one of those "heheh, poor baby" moments.