That's a neat trick

We seem to have a family of foxes who like our yard now. Noticed a momma fox and baby fox behind our fence a few days ago. Plus regularly there is a fox in our yard usually foraging for berries; it drives the dogs (esp Max) nutsos. Since I don't want any accidental scuffles between the dogs and the foxes, I've been very careful about not opening the backdoor until the fox has run outside the fence boundary.

One day, Max was at his normal spot by the family room window when he spotted the fox in the yard. Of course he started making all sorts of silly noises to get outside: grunts, whines, squeaks, barks, and howls. I look outside and there is a fox, proud as you please, under the tree on our hill. This guy must be pretty self-confident because he was looking right back at me and made no move to leave. The dogs are going crazy at this time running all over the place, so I squeeze myself out the back door to prevent the dogs from getting out and stand on the deck trying to scare the fox away. The fox finally leaves and jumps over the fence, so I head back indoors to let the dogs out. Strangely, I can't seem to get the back door open. I figure it must be jammed somehow. Luckily, Mike was in the kitchen and opens the door for me. Apparently while I was outside, the dogs were still jumping around and managed to lock the bolt on the back door! I think next time, I'll just stay indoors and wait until the fox leaves on its own.