Quick trip to NC

With the holiday weekend (known in VA as Lee/Jackson/King day) upcoming, Mike and I have decided to take a trip to NC and check it out. Timojhen seems pleased to watch Max again and I know Max will have a ball. Scott/Sue (our neighbors) are going to watch Sheba, and I know their twin girls will enjoy having her around. Unfortunately Quinn's going to have to come with us. Linda watched him last time, but we don't want to overdo asking her (since he's so high maintenance). LaQuinta motels allows dogs with no extra fees or restrictions, so we'll be staying there during the weekend.

Gonna take the SUV down so Quinn will be comfortable. Since hotels don't want you to leave the dog unattended, he'll be exploring with us. He seems pretty comfortable in cars overall (but we're NOT leaving the windows down for 5 hours), so we hope he'll do well on the trip. We'll be spending a lot of time in the car with a couple of pit stops for him. The Raleigh area has a dog park and state park, so we'll probably stop off there for a breather and to let Quinn stretch his legs.

We'll see how he does!