Koda, the yellow bear

Time for a new foster, lots of moves recently. We only had Birdie for a week, but we had to move her since they needed a foster home for Koda. Birdie was quite a sweetheart and very easy foster. I'm sure she'll find a home real fast. She really was a lot like our first foster dog, Lady (now Libby).

Koda is our new foster baby. He needs more work than a lot of our other foster dogs. There isn't much history on Koda, probably a stray. My guess is that he's spent a lot of time outside without much human interaction. He has a lot of problems with stairs and he's still learning how to go up and down them. He reminds me of Sheba with the stairs; he has to go up them all at once and nothing better be in the way. His fur is also pretty rough and he just doesn't seem comfortable in a household yet. We gave him a bath today which seems to help out with his fur.

He's starting to learn to beg for attention. I believe Koda probably didn't get much attention or petting and has learned to really enjoy it in his foster homes. He's a pretty low energy dog and will lay around for hours; however if you get up and start moving around, he'll make sure he follows you everywhere. He's definitely curious about the house. He'll often poke his nose into the closet or pantry when I open them. Currently he's sleeping half in and half out of our pantry.

Koda is a very sweet looking dog and very gentle. I think he needs a lot of stability before he's going to be comfortable. He's learning, but I think it's probably tough for an outdoor dog to adjust to being indoors all the time.