Keebler's been adopted!

Keebler has finally been adopted from LRR. He's been in the system for about 6 mos now and even though he's a total sweetie, he seemed to "show badly" when potential adopters came to see him. I think his age (6), his size, and his exuberance at meeting new people turned off some adopters.

During the 4th of July weekend, Mike and I had family come over and we didn't want the chance of Keebler bolting out the door with all the kids in the house. We moved Keebler for the weekend to another foster home with a scheduled visit from a potential adopter. The adopters had seen Buster on the lrr website and had their heart set on him, but LRR told them to visit a couple other dogs that may be a good fit too. They first saw Buster and loved him right away. Then visited Holly and although the husband liked Holly, the wife liked Buster a lot more. At this point, they still really like Buster and don't feel like visiting Keebler, but do so anyways.

When they visited Keebler, he must have decided that this was the family for him. The foster home told us he was on his best behavior. He was very sedate and rolled on his back so they would scratch his belly. When they took him for a walk, he was very good on the leash (that's thanks to Mike), and they absolutely adored him. Something seemed to click between Keebler and this family and they adopted him on the spot.

We got a mail from the family saying that he's been a sweetheart since he's moved in. He's already made himself comfortable on their bed and has taken long walks in the forest. He's very well behaved and is very good with strangers. The cats are still a bit nervous around him, but they haven't declared war yet. Keebler sounds like he's having a blast in his new home and we are so happy he's found the right place. I can't wait to see him at the reunion picnic!