She's a swimmer

Since last weekend was so hot and humid, we thought it would be a good idea to take the dogs over to our neighbor's swimming pool. Even though some of our fosters may love water, they never understand how the pool works and therefore don't go in. For a pond or lake, its easy for them, because they just step into the water, but the pool is a big hole with no easy way for them to discern how to get in and out.

Holly started out the same as our other fosters. She ran around the edges of the pool and once in a while tried to stick a paw into the water but didn't have much luck. Sheba and Quinn had their usual jolly good time. Since Holly seemed to want to go into the water, and a previous foster home said she loves to swim, I took her over to the steps and pulled her in until her front paws touched the first step. She seemed to get the idea and soon after that, she was going in and out of the pool like a pro! When she got tired of swimming around or running around the pool, she would sit on the first steps and cool off. Holly was definitely having a great time. She even started fetching the balls in the pool.

On Sunday, we went back over again to go swimming. This time our neighbors brought out their 3-yr old twins, Maggie and Lindsey. Maggie is absolutely fearless! She would jump into the pool and expect someone to pull her out of the water, she loved being under the water. Both of them would sit on the steps and throw the ball for the dogs. Quinn played a lot more than usual, and of course he was pretty achy that night. By the second day, Holly had no fear of the pool and would easily come in and out of the water whenever she felt like it. Sheba was her normal usual self and as long as someone threw a ball for her, she was in heaven.

If the weather starts getting hotter again, we'll have to take Holly back over for a swim. We did get some pretty good pictures of her in the water.