Ultra sonic yawn

I gotta say Holly is a pretty easy foster. Currently she's just vegetating on the floor while we work. She's definitely into the human comforts of the sofa and bed. This morning while in the shower, I noticed that Holly wasn't in the bathroom. When we got out and into the bedroom, she was sprawled out on the bed looking quite comfortable. Last night after game-playing in the office I came out into the family room and found her cuddled on the couch on top of a few pillow.

So far the silliest thing is her yawn. Her yawn is extremely high-pitched every time. At a higher volume, it could probably shatter glass. I guess its just the way she yawns, because it sounds the same every single time. Last night she was pretty good, and slept most of the night on the floor. I guess she got lonely, because when Sheba and Quinn got on the bed early this morning, she popped up on the bed too. I was definitely a bit squished since Mike still had tons of space on his side, but I had to deal with 3 dogs. I don’t think my body is supposed to contort like that.

Holly seems to get the puppy-crazies pretty easily. After coming back from outside this evening, she grabbed one of the dog towels and looked at us expectantly. So Mike started to chase her around the family room and again she had a ball! She also loves to play tug-o-war but the tennis ball doesn’t seem to interest her much. We’ll bounce it on the patio and she’ll go after it, but then she’ll just drop it instead of bringing it back to us.

Ugh, we have to clean her ears out again. That’s not going to be fun.